Doomsday - Doomsday (Disorder Recordings)

Bring on the Judgement Day
Release Date: 
6 Nov 2012 (All day)

Nachtmystium may be Blake Judd's baby, so to speak, but there were always others helping to keep the blackened flame alight, so it shouldn't be a surprise that a number of ex-Nachtmystium illumina, nameley guitarist's Jeff Wilson and Jon Necromancer, drummer Zack Simmons (also of Goatwhore), bassist Bob Fotus and vocalist Zion Meagher, would team up to create their own version of hellish and brutal music. And just to round things out, we even get a quite nice production courtesy of Sanford Parker, who also moonlights in Nachtmystium. But Nachtmystium Part 2 Doomsday ain't. Though just as dark and devilish, Doomsday is an altogether different kind of beast. 

She Will Be The One is 'warts and all' black metal in the vein of Dimmu Borgir and the like. But if the song and its follow up, The Punishment, may seem to paint a picture of what to expect from the rest of Doomsday, then don't be misled. Bring Down The Knife and I Kill Everything I Fuck have more of a punk feel to them, while Black Judas leans into death metal territory.  

Like Nachtmystium, who have always fallen under the banner of black metal, but striven to never be pigeonholed - and mostly succeeding we would add - Doomsday also seem to want to break down the barriers when it comes to genre tags, which luckily for the band, works. But that's probably due to the experience of these musicians - in the hands of a younger band, an album like Doomsday, might easily have failed. We are sure that Doomsday is just an appetiser for what is to come, and given time, not to mention the accumulated skills of the band, we're sure that Doomsday are a brewing storm just waiting to happen. In the meantime, you might just want to check out Doomsday before Judgement Day comes.