Druknroll - On The Knife Blade (Metal Scrap Records)

Marvellous and original instrumental work with anticlimactic voices!
Release Date: 
2 Apr 2012 - 12:30pm

Formed in Russia by the mainman Druknroll this band released a CD I’ve never heard about called  Броуновское Движение (Brownian Motion) and due to their alleged success in their Eastern European area, he’d decided to join forces with Jester (drums) Alex Knip (producer, lead guitar, FX) and Horror (vocals). More on this guy properly named Horror later….

Their sound is a myriad of styles never being based in a single one, going from rock n roll, melodic death, trad heavy metal, and even some hard rock insertions which they call “modern metal”. 

The musicianship of the boys is second to none, with the richness of styles causing more good than harm. I confess I didn’t like this album on the first hearing, but it has grown on me. They are no Dream Theater, sometimes they cannot conceal they are new in the scene by some ingenuity of some compositions, showing their greenness but for the talent and some kind of originality in a world when one band gets a style and sticks to it, they deserve kudos.  The solos are marvellous and their brazen way of changing from a Steve Vai oriented guitar, to hardcore pacing is interesting to say at least. 

That said I’ll not enumerate songs one by one and won’t give any highlights, I just need to say that if they stick to their guns they will really get somewhere. By which I meant that they have more qualities than flaws, but when the flaws appear, they really appear!

First and foremost, the great culprit for this album not being a 100% is the aforementioned vocalist Horror. His vocal is HORRIBLE, and yes, the pun was intended! His voice simply doesn’t fit with the rest of the band, his ideas for the choruses are simply terrible, opprobrious and make me want to put my head inside the ground. It’s a hit or miss, sometimes when he decides to put a guttural tone here and there, the thing works, but when he decides to put some melody into his voice, it sounds like that a  friend who begged to be in a band to be a rock star and his corny delivery almost sends the whole work down the drain.  

Thanks to the competence of Druknroll (the guy himself) and the boys, they manage to keep the nuclear disaster away. 

In the end On The Knife Blade (На Лезвии Ножа, the original title in Cyrillic) has my vote for boldness. Go for it if you have an open mind and want to hear something new, and different. Just be warned of the HORROR ahead of you!