Execration – The Acceptance of Zero Tolerance (Comatose Music)

Brutal attack from Colorado Springs.


There are at least three “Execrations” from USA, this one is from Colorado Springs/ CO, and they practice the vilest form of death metal

Pure brutal death metal in the vein of old Decrepit Birth, Devourment, Gorevent (Japan), Disgorge (USA and Mexico) seem to be their main influence.

There's nothing really original or overtly technical (although I always thought that to play this kind of metal it was necessary to possess some technique), but the destruction emanating from the speakers is second to none.

Too fast to headbang to, The Acceptance of Zero Tolerance brings ultra fast blast beats, intricate guitars, and bear-like vocals. Don’t try to sing any of these tunes or you’ll get your vocal chords disrupted, although they don’t do that irritating pig-squeal. Shane Houseman sings in an honest manner and his vocals don’t seem modified.

Unfortunately for a CD like this there are no highlights, because the torrent of noise prevents the band from generate any original hymns. Who fucking cares?

Except of course for a strange and off-the-wall penultimate track called Falling Through The Portal, which has some really strange effects done with pedalboards (or so I believe).

Apart of this everything sounds normal, if by normal you think demented, psychotic and killer music are your normal form of art (they are - Ed.).

Maybe The Acceptance of Zero Tolerance won’t bring Execration to the forefront of the style, but if you are a fan of the style don’t forget to check this one out. 


The Acceptance of Zero Tolerance is out now on Comatose Music.