Gacy's Threads - The Ignorance of Purity (Savour Your Scene Records)

Gacy's Threads hail from Belfast, Northern Ireland, and despite being relatively unknown outside of their local scene, can make a noise with the best of them.

With nothing more than a demo and a couple of EPs under their belts, you'd be forgiven for thinking "who?" when Gacy's Threads are mentioned. However, their latest release The Ignorance of Purity on local label Savour Your Scene demonstrates a real potential to mix with the big guns of modern hardcore/mathcore.

Five tracks in length, The Ignorance... opens with Blackheart which has all the makings of a generic metal track, but rapidly moves into true powerviolence territory and delivers a bit of Dillingeresque guitar work from axe man Blane Doherty. With massive swings in tempo led by drummer Stephen Currie and bassist Ryan McConagle, Hope Bleeds into Despair gives frontman Aaron Vance a chance to flex his muscles, which he does convincingly.

Musically there are no major nuances that make Gacy's Threads stand above other hardcore crossover bands but this EP will be easily adopted by fans of Coalesce or Converge. It's an interesting release that has a few genuinely unexpected musical tangents, and provided they continue down this road there's every chance Gacy's Threads will become less of an unknown quantity over the next few months.