Germ - Loss (Eisenwald Tonschmiede)

This is Germ warfare

Sometimes there are bands so underground that they seem to fly under the radar, no matter how hard one tries to keep up with the scene. Germ is a case in point. Having been around for over a decade the band has only released two albums, including Loss, and both of these have been in a space of just over twelve months. 

With an introduction of just piano and morose vocals, My Only Hope instantly reminds of our very own Virgin Black, before a touch of electronica moves the song along. So Lonely, Dead Lonely is a song of epic granduer that brings to mind latter day While Heaven Wept, though we're sure that this was never the intention. Either way, it's a masterful class of song writing, and a standout on this very diverse album. 

Only When Every Timepiece In The World Is Smashed Part 1 is a faster number, relying on guitar as its focused instrument, while Part 11 employs its acoustic counterpart, along with some nicely sung parts by Tim, who remains the originator behind Germ. Cold Grey Dawn (A New Beginning), with its trip-hop beat, is almost danceable, whiile heading to last track, Loss, we are greeted with a beautiful classical composition, showing the wealth and variety that the band are capable of. 

Loss is a truly striking piece of work, one that exemplifies what black metal should be about, an album that shows that its creator has put a lot of time, patience and passion into. It is an album that is both moving and rewarding.  If your looking for something genuine, but also a little off-centre, then you can do no wrong with Loss, an album that has to be one of this years most outstanding albums.  Lets hope we hear more of Germ soon. 


Loss is out now.