Godlike - Malicious Mind (Inverse Records)

The Finnish five-piece join the party a decade late
Release Date: 
23 Nov 2012 - 10:30am
Malicious Mind is an interesting album. In no uncertain terms, this is a new nu metal release. The genre that we all assumed had long since died is seemingly still around, and not just being championed by heroes of the genre such as Limp Bizkit. This is a relatively new band who have decided that nu metal is their sound. Nothing wrong with that though, is there?
Vocalist Jussi Lahtinen can rap, but he can't sing. Ergo, when he goes for the cleaner vocal parts it sounds incredibly weak, and the harsh vocals aren't particularly convincing either as there is also far too much in common with Dez Fafara in the Coal Chamber days
Riff-wise, Chocolate Starfish... is the benchmark for nu metal as Wes Borland's Midas touch created some of the genres most memorable, bouncy moments. That infectiousness is missing from Malicious Mind. There are some catchy tunes, such as the heavily One Minute Silence-influenced Meth and the funky-as-hell Shi No Negai, but there's certainly nothihg that comes close to Rollin'.
It's incredibly difficult to take Godlike seriously. Lyrically there's a lot of archetypal ire and the tunes are eminently listenable but it's just so dated. This scribe is a massive nu metal fan and I will stand in any room of Burzum die-hards and explain why Hybrid Theory is a masterpiece, but Godlike have not only missed the boat, they've missed every boat in the last ten years.
Malicious Mind is out on November 23rd on Inverse Records