Grave Desecrator – Deathspells Rising (

Cult Brazilian band gains a new layout and digipak format
Release Date: 
31 Jul 2012 - 12:30pm

Hailing from “Hell” de Janeiro, Grave Desecrator is the band that currently waves the flag of raw Brazilian metal (which is now so in vogue throughout the world).

Divided into a demo, some rehearsals, lives and an EP, Deathspells Rising is rather a compilation than a proper release of this Brazilian purveyors of old-school death/black metal . 

The coverart has the blessings of the renowned French artist Chris Moyen, (who lent his talents for acts such as Abigail, Blasphemy, Beherit, Incantation, Black Witchery, etc), who did a nasty drawing as an appetizer for the rawness to come. 

The first 4 tracks are their first demo, remastered and with a good sound, but it’s more “second wave” of Black Metal. The sounds are fast and Scandinavian, never remembering the band Grave Desecrator would be.

Faces of apocalyptic Battle and Holocaust are the best part of this release, and they comprise their EP Cult of Warfare and Darkness , this time around bringing the “real” Grave desecrator to the forefront with raw sounds remembering the golden age of Brazilian death metal with influences of bands such as Vulcano and Dorsal Atlantica to their Black Metal. A huge dosage of Bathory is perceived as well. 

Following are two rehearsal tracks, with a raw, but not overly so, production. Holocaust is played yet again.

The following six tracks are labelled with the tag “live” on them, but it’s unclear if they are recorded live in studio or if they are playing for an audience such is the lack of applaus or cheers from the public. I like to imagine the former is the case, and the quality is decent for a raw and live brutal thrash/black assault from hell. The highlights of this phase are Cursed Mass and Revelations of the Beast.  It’s not for beginners!

To top off the release another rehearsal with inferior quality that will only appeal for die-hards is included, featuring the Bathory cover Sacrifice…. Great!

The very last track is even more putrid and raw(er), the quality sounding like an old cassette from the beginning of 1980’s and this is not exactly a compliment. 

Deathspells Rising is an item that every cultist has to have in his/her collection, an excellent sample of why this band is so worshipped by hermetic underground circles worldwide!