Kamikaze Pilots / Draug – Slaughtercaust (Speed Ritual Records)

Atomic split from USA to sonically destroy your enemies...
Release Date: 
13 Apr 2012 - 12:30pm

Jared Moran (aka Jjarnd Msdiun, the crazy soul behind Uzumaki, - read review here -, 54R, Filtheater, Immaculate Molestation, Ishimura, Ithaqua, Raum, Yzordderrex, Zombie Raiders, ex-Cosmic Atrophy) is back, and that means problems for sure, especially with your neighbour who detests death/noise metal and above all, detests YOU! 

He comes back with not one, but two bands, packed into 28 minutes of pure, invidious music, and he plays all instruments (as usual) in both bands. He does the artwork (also as usual) as well. 

Draug and Kamikaze Pilots had past releases, but in this one, the bands carry similarities between them, so let’s concentrate on their differences:

Kamikaze Pilots, the band which starts the split is more grindcore, powerviolence orientated, and it has some punk, hardcore parts implicit into its nucleus, which is noticeable from the first track. There are 25 songs on this split, and 20 of them are from KP. The songs don’t have names being numbered instead: 34 to 53. Past releases of the project have the track 33 backwards or so I believe. 

The songs are extremely short, ranging from 16 seconds to 1 minute and 28 seconds. There are excellent moments (which I won’t name here since I think it’s stupid to say track 39 is good but 51 is superb) the problem is that although the noise parts are really “a thing to appreciate”, our hero Jared gets better with the doomish death metal riffs, which come and disappear in a flash. There’s no time to appreciate them, but Kamikaze Pilots will sure gain the soul and hearts of people who seek a true grindcore act without a sign of MODERNISM, just raw stuff like in the old days! It’s filthy, disgusting, deplorable, pesky…. It’s BEAUTIFUL!

Draug on the other hand, is the wet dream of any old schooler! At first glance there’s no difference between both bands, but Draug has no punkish parts, the songs are lengthier, and Jared does his work with the doomish dissonance better than your fave underground band. The riffs are there, hidden under the garbage and nuclear waste, you have to excavate to find them, but there they are, solid and brilliant! Crippled Horror and Advancing Decay (yes the songs have actual names this time) are the highlights, and the three other songs are hard-to-get stuff, and just now, after lots of spins of persistence, that I’m discovering their content, and mate, this is not different that to find some cesium on the street, so keep your family away and die contaminated ALONE! 

Draining is noisy…. But Projected Disgust and Endless Butchery have tangible music interred somewhere, and it takes time to appreciate the whole stuff. Great, great songs!

Slaughtercaust is a great and cohesive release, and I dare to say, even fetching despite the whole steamroller shattering your bones to pieces. But take care, scene kids won’t get it. Wimps won’t get it. Fans of Dillinger Escape Plan won’t get it! This is stuff made with the fabric of forgotten days of American death metal. Listen and die by cancer!


You can access and listen to both sides of the split by clicking on their respective links on Bandcamp: