Les DIscrets - Ariettes Oubliées (Prophecy Productions)

Les Discrets shine with their own take on the growing shoegaze trend.
Release Date: 
9 Feb 2012 - 11:30pm

If there are two things that we know about the French metal scene, it is that, like Norway, it is very musically incestous, and they all seem to have a deep fondness for shoegaze. 

Les Discrets is the brainchild of Fursy Teyssier, who used to play in the brilliantly underrated Amesoeurs, and until recently, as a live musician for Alcest. Of course Fursy is not alone in his creation of these post-rock musings, with both Winterhaller (Amesoeurs/Alcest) and Audrey Hadorn (Amesoeurs etc) acting as his accomplices.  We told you it was an incestious scene. 

It makes sense that Les Discrets' creator has shared both a stage with Alcest, and played together with Alcest mastermind, Neige, in Amessoeurs, as in reality, it is obvious that both of these creative genii seem to live in the same world, and were not talking about the real one either. And to note, we don't just mean musically. Neige is often going on about seeing heavenly places, and what not, and Fursy also gives the impression that his world is full of mythical creatures and beasts, as is shown throughout his artwork. 

Musically, Ariettes oubliées... very easily reflects Teyssiers's colourful palette, and should find a wider audience, especially in fans of Alcest. There is nothing grandiose on this album, more so...a sense of longing, as first heard on Linceul d'hiver, while Le Mouvement perpetual offers a more lighter moment, at some point, even reminding one of Dead Can Dance. Overall, 'Ariettes oubliées...' is an album that you will need a few good listens to, to really let the music soak in, and provide a better understanding of what is being offered.  Fans of Alcest and post-rock/shoegaze will no doubt love this album though. 

As mentioned above, Fursy is quite an acoomplished artist, having painted covers for Morbid Angel, Amesoeurs and of course his own band, amongst others. But besides being a bit nifty with a paintbrush, he is also well known for his animation videos, which really need to be checked out, and can be done so via his website. Musically, and visually, Fursy is one to watch