Manticore – Behold The Ascension of the Execrated (Deathgasm Records)

After 6 years of waiting, they are more destructive than ever!

One of the America’s finest black/death acts in the history is back from the vaults after 6 years since their last offering For Rats and Plague (2006). Meanwhile the band released a split EP with Canadian beasts Necroholocaust (2011) and the most primitive band from Australia – Grave Upheaval (2012).

But the fans wanted a new full length and here it is, full of demonic possession, only 30 minutes and 9 tracks of pure and unrelenting brutal satanic attack!

Differently from the older releases, the band changed the vocal approach, abolishing the “pig squeal” kinda vocals, and sticking to the most archaic form of diabolical possession. 

Other than that, no major changes were made (thanks Satan): the sound continues putrid to the bone, and this time brings to mind another Ohio trad outfit Nunslaughter. However they manage to mix this with the powerful surge of bands such as Blasphemy, Conqueror, Morbosidad and so on…

Somehow, Manticore is not massively hyped even in the most underground circles - where I think they deserve more praise - because they are one of the best, up there with  the greats! The time is due for the infernal justice to take place. 

For example, the track Procession to Possession shows an unbridled metal of hell with an intermezzo and then the sound is back again with all the filth.

Torn Apart by Hate is an authentic coven of infernal spirits when Satan himself seems to enter in the studio and give his thumbs up.

This is truest and the rawest stuff at its best and what makes my heart happy is the prospect that this band will never have any appeal for the posers and fad hunters! FORGET MANTICORE! They aren’t for the weak race.

The track In Nomine Satanas is overtly the best one from Behold The Ascension of the Execrated with its mid-tempo approach and desecrations at will. 

Apart from the aforementioned minor changes, Manticore is a band that never betrays its followers (and believe me when I say, they are DIE HARDS, I know some of them, I AM ONE OF THEM!)

Production-wise it seems that band made the regular work in studio, put the sound onto vinyl (or a cassette) then put it again on CD no remastering here..

If you’re waiting to hear something technical, mathematic, I hope you look for it somewhere else or go fuck yoursef!!! Manticore is for hardened headbangers not for newcomers!

Go home posers, the American masters are fucking back!


Behold The Ascension of the Execrated is out now on Deathgasm Records.