Mass Burial - Of Carrion and Pestilence – (Wydawnictwo Muzyczne Psycho)

Who cares about originality when the band you’re imitating is ENTOMBED?


Mass Burial is a Spanish band that really sounds like Entombed. I mean, they are imitators, from the guitar effects, to vocals, and sound guitars… You can add some Dismember, for I always thought that Entombed and Dismember were twin bands.

What’s the advantage to suck a famous band? Various, mainly when the classic band in question doesn’t do their classic sound since their sophomore album released 21 years ago. It’s a neverending trip to the forgotten past of Swedish death metal (no, I’m not talking about MELO-DEATH, KIDS!). 

Plus, they have the blessing to make some new “compositions”. It’s not about originality, of course, but to get the sound and reproduce it, without sound ludicrous. 

Of Carrion and Pestilence has a impressive solo, whilst Intense Genital Punishment delivers pure death and Tomb desecrator has the best introduction ever. This is when the cliché is welcome. 

If any doubts are left up until this moment, they are totally annihilated by the fourth track Mass Burial which a pure homage to their masters. After the intro, the song is the SOLO/last part of the Left Hand Path!!!! Their insolence deserves honors.  

Heretofore, one is totally hooked by the idea, and can only headbang and party to death.

Another rad solo takes place in Post War Psychosis, and Rotten Rise Again resembles Carnal Leftovers.

Virulent Frustration is another highlight of fast old-school death metal. 

The penultimate track Only one Bullet Left raise all banners of old and Fenriz himself would be proud of this band. 

When Fury Becomes Blood presents another cool track with a cooler sound and then the CD suddenly comes to an abrupt end.

It contains 11 tracks of how death metal should never cease to be. Only old schoolers are going to understand it. This is the best case of plagiarism ever.