Melencolia Estatica – Hel – (Temple Of Torturous)

Black Metal Expressionism from Italy
Release Date: 
12 Nov 2012 - 12:30pm

Sometimes, some musical works break with the standards of stylistics and present new perspectives to the listener. 

This is what happens with Hel, the third work of Melencolia Estatica, Climaxia’s own creation (guitars, bass, concept, vocal orchestrations) that could be considered a one-girl-band if it wasn’t for the presence of two session members Afthenktos ( lyrics and vocals) and Thorns (aka Gionata PotentiFrostmoon Eclipse, ex-Benighted in Sodom, ex-Glorior Belli, ex-Silva Nigra - drums).

Hel deals with the cold reality of work on a daily basis reflecting the slavery-paced actuality into its own soundscapes, ranging from angry to apathetic. 

The songs are disgraceful, despondent and harsh. Although labelled as depressive black metal, Melencolia Estatica is less “sweet” than the average DBM acts which only appeal to the Prozac generation: The expressionist music appeals all of us who are doomed to stay trapped in a world of conveniences and slave labour. 

All tracks are titled Hel (I, II, III) but although it's a concept album it has no segues.

The industrial coldness of Hel IV summarizes the whole work, mainly its final part with a repetitive and dissonant epilogue.

Other songs such as Hel V present as “normal” black metal, at least on the surface. Climaxia doesn’t simply play black metal, instead she uses its typical repetitiveness to show the desperation of the modern way of life. 

The dénouement couldn’t be other than slow riffages without drumming, dysphoric voices and downcast atmosphere. 

Honestly Hel is not easily digestible but it will over again set Melencolia Estatica at the leading edge of Italian black metal scene. Great work!