Mortillery - Murder Death Kill (Napalm Records)

Refreshing thrash punk metal hybrid that will have you windmilling about your flat!
Release Date: 
29 Jun 2012 (All day)

The first ninety seconds of Mortillery's Murder Death Kill has that Motorhead meets Motley Crue meets California metal vibe to it. It's an interesting blend of sounds emenating from Canadians Alex Scott and Alex Gutierrez on guitars, Kevin Gaudet on drums and Miranda Gladeau on bass. When Cara McCutchen kicks in on vocals, I'm  feeling a very King Diamond / Blackie Lawless thing happening. The first track would fit nicely into Metallica's Ride the Lightning. Murder Death Kill is multi-layered in composition. There is a lot happening and it's so fast you can barely keep up with it. If this first track is any indication of what's to come, I'm going to need a handful of ibuprofen to counteract the headbanging and windmilling. The chorus is simple and catchy... murder... death...kill. That says it all.

The album continues with Sacrifice. It's another wall of sound circle pit maddeninlyg paced song. I like that with Cara's vocals I can actually hear and understand the words to the songs. Her vocal stylings are very much influenced by the classic 80s and 90s metal frontment: King Diamond, Blackie Lawless, Bobby Ellsworth, et al. Evil Remains sports some very wicked guitar soloing in places guitar soloing usually doesn't go; during the vocal parts. It's a bit disjointed but the song is so raucous that you don't care. Fritzl's Cellar is more Motorhead meets X than straight ahead thrash. Mortillery has some very serious punk leanings happening that gives Murder Death Kill an edge that other current thrash albums don't have. It's just that much more interesting to listen to. Cara can, when necessary,  vomit up the putricity of growls that are the hallmark of modern insert-new-and-clever-genre-of-metal-here metal.

Despised By Blood is definitely a punk tune. From the composition to the style of guitar playing to the vocals; Despised By Blood oozes punk rock. Countless Suicide is a good old fashioned circle pit tome. It's up beat and fun and just puts a smile on my face. The album continues with Voracious Undead and Without Weapons before ending with Mortal Artillery. Murder Death Kill is 10 songs and 42 minutes of heavenly happy thrash punk metal. Yes, happy, because that's what you will be when you listen to the album; a grinning goofy idiot windmilling about your flat!