Nephelium - Coils of Enthropy (Own Label)

Why aren’t Nephelium signed to some competent label? Can anyone explain to me why?
Release Date: 
7 Feb 2012 - 12:30pm

If you’ve never heard about Nephelium before, it’s because they were honing their skills for some 10 years of the band's existence, and now they are coming to prominence with their first full length called Coils of Entropy showing a mahoosive dose of brutal death metal. They were formed in Dubai but now they reside in Ontario, Canada.

That’s okay, so why should you follow my advice and listen to a CD from a lesser known band that follows a style that has been done perfectly by more famous acts? 


  • Reason number one: the production. The sound is perfectly done in order to sound sweet to trained ears in the brutal death metal style, every instrument is treated as if it were special, one can hear absolutely EVERYTHING, and the best of all: it doesn’t endanger the organic sound of Nephelium, with no tricks of studio, making this one of the most promising bands of death metal.
  • Reason number two: the soloing. Solos are a big deal for any band which label themselves “metal” and in the case of Coils of Entropy, just think about Death… Yes I said that, the almighty Death and their solos. Nephelium reaches a point of relevance in this area, without sounding like a mere copy of famous names. The solos are put in layers which make for a really transcendental experience. Just check out the first track Burial Ground to hear what I’m talking about. 
  • Reason number three: the tempos. Every dumb kid know that to be  serious in this style,  a real death metal band has to have crazy tempos and whatnot, and mate, Nephelium is good at showing us how a really brutal band must work. Check out the progression of the tracks such as Merciless Annihilation, Hellborne and Coils of Entropy. Yet, it is a mistake to label them as “progressive” something, but the confusion is in their DNA, constantly playing between slow and going at full tilt out of the blue. It’s mathematical without sounding numb and after spinning this album over and over again one gets convinced that the boys in the group are hellsent. 
  • Reason number four: the tracks Malediction and the aforementioned title track. I’d buy this album just for these two songs and the devastating effects that they may cause. As the progression is paramount in Malediction, the track gains amazing contours, ending its almost 9 minutes in  unintelligible and funny guttural vocals and then a scream a la SLAYER: ahhhhh,  at a hardcore speed which is going to make some heads roll. Coils of Entropy and its 10 minutes shows the same disposition for wreaking havoc, but by the last half of the song, something very, very, very “broken” happens, and the tempos gain really nonsense beats, making the apex of Dream Theater’s Metropolis sound like  child’s play. If you’re a fan of brutal death metal, you probably don’t give a fuck about DT but I hope you get the reference. It’s when all the climax of the album is centered (and concentrated) and I happily try to guess what happens in this piece every time I hear it. 


So again, can everyone out there explain to me why this band isn’t touring and making huge success along with the best names of the style? After you hear this CD you’ll have a strange sensation that this is a really unjust world. 

Mandatory for fans of Suffocation, Decrepit Birth, Nile and (old) Psycroptic.

Errata: the name of CD is Coils of Entropy (without H)