Nightqueen - For Queen and Metal (Massacre)

Do we really need another female fronted symphonic metal band?
Release Date: 
24 Feb 2012 (All day)

Saturation. Its an uncomfortable sensation, getting into work after a ten minute walk from the bus stop to your office in the pouring rain. But what can you do? Similarly, its not the most pleasant situation to be put into to explain to a (doubtless well-meaning) band that well, the part of the market they are trying to take over is indeed saturated and they should just probably get their coats and leave quietly…

Which I guess is what I’m saying to Nightqueen. Female-fronted pomp metal is the game and, whilst the band has its moments (Lady Fantasy isn’t a bad song) there’s just too much stodge masquerading as quality for the band to be considered serious contenders in what we’ve already established is a saturated market. Like their fellow Belgians in Football teams like Anderlecht and (the band’s own home town to get really cute) Genk, they might be good on the domestic front but, when it comes time for the Champions League of metal, Nightqueen are found to be strictly second division material.

Secret of the Blind Man has a superbly pompous intro, pointing to some sort of potential, but the trick here might be for the band to let vocalist Keely Larreina go; Too often her phrasing lets reasonably competent songs down. In the hands of a Sharon den Adel the likes of Majesty might actually become, um, majestic. Larreina is not in that league and so the chance goes astray. It’s taken the band 8 years to get to this point, so it looks like they are comfortable with things the way they are, churning out motorbike rebellion anthems to a local audience, so good luck to them. I don’t think the big time is beckoning though…