Overthrow – Adjust to Darkness (Indie Recordings)

The new breed of Norsk Hardcore Metal.

Overthrow is a curious band. They have a strong base in hardcore, or better said, metallic hardcore (not exactly a crossover) and one feels very, very tempted to compare them to their labelmates Kvelertak. Indeed they seem to be hugely influenced by the band but they somewhat are a step beyond with more aggressive vocals and brutal sounds, plus their versatility to merge styles without losing their basic characteristics as a hardcore based band.

For example in the second track of Adjust to Darkness, called Come Thunder, the vocals of Ole Gaard heavily resound of Sepultura’s Derrick Green, and if one day the guy gets out of Sepultura and they don’t want Max Cavalera back, the choice should be Ole. 

The song in Norwegian Det Hellige Har Forlatt skews more to the side of Germanic Black/Folk band Suidraka. A hardcore Suidakra lemme say.

Sleeplessness Awaits adds more insult to injury, and it’s really dirty without being sodden, the CD was produced by Ashley Stubbert, mastered by mixed by Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Purified in Blood, Botch, Isis++), so it’s over the top soundwise.

The end of the song Relapse seems to reflect the influence in production, since they turn to some kind of drone metal.

But all of these are just spasms in their music as they keep their war raging on.

Destroyeryouth is the highlight, for it brings a full time rock n roll a la Chrome Division, and although the whole CD deserves kudos, this was the track that made me put my hands in the air and feel like a rocker in a bar spoiling for a fight. 

The Worst is Yet to come resumes their initial proposal, which was to present that hardcore/punk in a frenetic manner. 

This is a CD of a young band with a great future ahead, and if you’re fan of their style, don’t lose your time and get your copy ASAP!


Adjust to Darkness is out now on Indie Recordings