Profetus - Open the Passages in Dusk (Weird Truth Productions)

Ultra slow-paced funeral doom metal for insane minds!
Release Date: 
1 Apr 2012 (All day)

Now this is a difficult album: Open the Passages in Dusk, the newest outrage of the Finnish masters of doom (real) metal band Profetus. I must confess that I didn’t get the album at first hearing, neither at the second.

The megalithic and dense atmosphere of this album is something that is ONLY indicated for fans of bands like Mournful Congregation, Skepticism and Thergothon

It’s the worst case scenario for fans of “normal” music: 4 tracks that clock in at 14 minutes each, at the slowest BPM rate ever, with guttural vocals, ethereal passages, repetitive gloom with an ubiquitous keyboard which substitutes the bass. Yes this band has no bass!

It’s really hard to sit through the whole album, though it is perfect for lads like me who like musical mortification. 

When Autumn Cries a Fiery Canticle is an ode to depression and when I say that forget those silly black metal acts that call themselves “suicidal” or “funeral”. This is metal with an excellent production!

The watchers Dusk is more beautiful if you permit me to use this word, the slow drumming is there on the intro, only to give place to a thoughtful passage with only the keyboard with two notes and a mega slow tap on the ride cymbal that goes to a powerful guttural density and this trot keeps on and on, forever and ever.

The Shoreless and Burn, Lanterns of Eve are not different, agonizing all the way. 

This is a really good album, but only for souls seeking for the calm that only death can deliver : Open the Passages in Dusk by Profetus is a spot on album for the chosen few fans of the style!