Rahu - The Quest for the Vajra of Shadows (Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions)

Finnish Black Metal attack that never seems to give up.
Release Date: 
29 Feb 2012 - 1:30pm

Although unknown to the greater audience, Rahu seems to have a cult following amongst the most underground black metallers due to its occult and cosmic way of delivering its music. Starting by its name: In Hindu lore, Rahu is a headless serpent that eats the moon and the sun, causing what we know as eclipses. Of course it fails on its task and our beloved celestial bodies always go back to normal, thank gods!

Deepening more into the occult ideology than its first self titled release (in fact, a compilation of two demos Caput Draconis and Ride of the Eight Black Steeds) the man behind the band, Atvar (Circle of Ouroborus, Prevalent Resistance, Venus Starread the review here-, Verivala and Vordr, alongside his partner in crime Kobalt (Devilry, ex- Baptism) delivers a strange symbiosis of Burzum and Bilskirnir with long tracks, hypnotic riffs, echoed production that immerses ones soul into the a melancholic state of misanthropy trying to pass their spatial knowledge by musical osmosis. You probably read it before in one of those black metal blogs with their big words and hyperboles, but this is exactly what occurs here: Only five tracks of prolonged phrases and 1990’s feeling. 

Be that as it may, the album has no great highlights but one: The Serpent King, a 9-minute track with a plentifulness of soundscapes which somewhat reminds me of good old Drudkh.

The Quest for the Vajra of Shadows has no rapid parts, except one here and there to try to keep the mind of the listener from wandering into something else and that’s the beautiful in Rahu’s music: whatever it emerges itself in a sea of despondency, it holds the audience all the way.

If you’re keen on the Finnish black metal scene you’ll probably be a keen follower of Rahu.