Saint Vitus - Lillie: F-65 (Season of Mist)

Doom legends return to show the young ones how its done.
Release Date: 
26 Apr 2012 - 11:30pm

If there has been one album that has been impatiently anticipated more than any other this year, it is Lillie: F-65, from US doom lords Saint Vitus.  Not only is it the bands first album in over seventeen years, but it also sees the return of vocalist Scott ''Wino' Weinrich, making it a return to what many fans consider, to be the classic Saint Vitus line up. 

Opener, Let Them Fall, starts off more than promisingly, with its dirge like chords slower than a car full of sloths. Wino has not exactly been taking it easy over the last few years, since last leaving the band, but it is oh so good to hear his agonising vocals painted over Dave Chandlers morose and suffocating riffs. 

It's not long before we move onto tales of conspiracy - or not - as Wino weaves stories of secret Government drug testing in The Bleeding Ground.  Vertigo is but a brief interlude, before the band move onto single Blessed Night, the track that was but a small taste of what we were to expect, upon its release earlier this year.  And, oh what a wonderous song - it is the epitome of what Saint Vitus are about, and a show of why they are held in such high esteem within the doom underground. 

Three more songs round out 'Lillie: F-65', an album that should be essential for all doom fans.  If there were any complaints, it would be for the fact that, at just over thirty-three minutes, 'Lillie: F-65' is far too short, especially when, just like the drug that the album is named after, it is so addictive. Lets just hope that this is the beginning of a fresh start for Saint Vitus because, if this is an example of these guys in their prime, then we are in for yet more rewarding music in the future