Savage Messiah - Plague of Conscience (Earache)

Thunderously good stuff...
Release Date: 
5 Feb 2012 - 11:30pm

There may well be little point me telling you about this album – when Earache announced late last year that Plague… would be released – in full – as a free download months before its official release 13,000 of you took up the offer and are doubtless enjoying the highly sophisticated metallic strains of SM even as you feast your eyes on my confused ramblings… to those readers – it’s good, isn’t it?

To the rest of you, well… it’s difficult to know where to start. Savage Messiah have nearly all the bases covered with this release, with lashings of belligerent thrashing, stridently epic metalling and even 100 per cent believable power ballading going on over the duration of this excellent album. Star of the show, and leading from the front at all times is vocalist/guitarist Dave Silver. Not to put too fine a point on it here – on the evidence of his performance on this album there’s a new star in the metal sky. Obviously guitar wise he’s got all the chops – PoC is air guitar nirvana from start to finish- but surprisingly these days for a guitarist who sings lead as well in a band such as this the man is thoroughly up to the task throat wise too. Whatever’s required, Dave steps up to the plate, from semi-gutteral thrash barking (at times he sounds like a dead ringer for Onslaught’s Sy Keeler) through a smooth, Coverdale style croonage to the most demented of Halfordian ecstacy… Silver has it all, and he’s a pleasure to listen to throughout. In fact this album is more than a pleasure to listen to, with standout cuts such as In Thought Alone and The Mask of Anarchy already assured a loving home in perpetuity at MaF HQ, such is their dazzlingly assured brilliance.

Where the band go from here is anyone’s guess – they have mastered everything they’ve turned their hand to on Plague of Conscience but maybe if there’s one minor quibble its that the album may be a little too all over the place style wise to appeal to less dynamically minded potential fans – a tightening up in direction may well pay dividends next time out, but whatever this band decides to do, it’ll be good, and we here at MaF can’t wait to hear more. Top class stuff.