ShEver – Rituals (Svart Records)

Euphoric doom? Yes it exists!

This is the second album from this all female doom band from Switzerland and now it’s gaining the vinyl treatment from Svart.

Normally doom albums are not what a normal headbanger would classify as something “fun”. Because of the funereal nature of the works the bands intend to cause despondency on the listener. In this case this album causes euphoria.

All the 6 song in Rituals are so good that there’s never a dull moment. This is one of those illuminated moments when a musician enters in the studio thinking to make a good opus and the final product comes out excellent;y.

The riffs are killer, the songs are mega heavy, the vocals are raspy, and there’s even a song in Portuguese… I’m serious, now answer me: why the fuck a Swiss band would make a piece in PORTUGUESE? Here I ‘m listening to the album in the gloom of my own world and some cryptic words: Você é quem manda! / Você é quem manda!/ Você é quem manda! (you command!) and I was like WTF? Then some words in the final session like a desperate phrase Você não é porra não (roughly translated to You aren’t shit at all) really appeals to Portuguese speakers due to the hardness of the aforementioned words for the speakers of this language.

All the other songs emanate this desperation, this urgency and not just melancholy, but pure anger and revolt. 

But is in the mega snail paced You are The Mirror, that the excitement reaches its peak. The vocals are sung like a funeral choir, and unexpectedly (mainly because it’s the penultimate song of the album) the song gets a ritualistic turn with another tempo totally incongruent with the rest of the tune, but that’s the point… Soon the Sabbath-esque doom-laden atmosphere takes over again.

Surprisingly good this album will make the delight of fans of good music: Totally recommended. 


Rituals is out on Svart Records.