Sicadis - Blood of a Thousand Hearts (Own Label).

With an angry punch to the guts, Sicadis’ debut album shows what Kansas has to offer.

Like the deafening cacophony of cicadas in the dying heat of a summer evening, Blood of a Thousand Hearts surges upwards boasting fast paced melodic riffs and technical drumming guaranteed to send you to the chiropractor. Sicadis hail from Kansas City, and boast a forceful angry presence honed from years of local shows and touring with acts such as Five Finger Death Punch, Testament, Strapping Young Lad and Suicide Silence.  Their debut offering is melodic, yet technical, with elements of modern thrash and metalcore which deliver a well-rounded listen from this previously underground band.

When it comes to the guitar, the faster you can deliver those timely solos and riffs the more likely I am to find myself pressing repeat on an album. The balance of melody and spine-shatteringly fast executions in Blood of a Thousand Hearts has sent Sicadis to the top of my playlist today. There was no need for the mid-morning coffee with the pulse-racing drumming and tuneful pedal-to-the-metal speed delivered by these lads from the American Mid-West. Aggressive growls are balanced with clearer screamed lyrics and sections of clean vocals delivering a groove that grips the back of your neck, flinging your head forward.


The warm up track sets the aggressively triumphant mood as Sicadis then unleash a barrage of riffs designed to be played loud in Insult to Injury. This band is not just a one tune speed riff delivery, with each track cut to cause a different aural wound. Some songs are more technical, some more death, some very much modern thrash, but all the songs carry the sweet guitar lines and the clean double-kick of the drums. Voice of the Martyr and Soldiers of Damnation have some blitzing arpeggios, while No Sympathy carries a stomach gripping bass line.


The song My Redemption comes after a brief mid-album melodic interlude to deliver a triumphantly vengeful melodic anthem. Through These Eyes features the guest vocals of Ivan Moody from Five Finger Death Punch and one of the better guitar solos on the album. Punching straight through the ribcage the album continues on with the high energy, high emotion tracks aiming to wring the blood from each of the thousand hearts.


Melodic Death, Modern Thrash call it what you will. With Blood of a Thousand Hearts, Sicadis have fired themselves into your eardrums with a bloody aggressive debut full-length album that isn't to be ignored, or they'll be after you next.