Silent Leges Inter Arma - Silent Leges Inter Arma (Einsenwald Tonschmiede)

Forget the laws and raise your weapons.

First things first: Silent Leges Inter Arma sounds like it was recorded in a cardboard box at the bottom of the ocean. If that doesn't put you off, or if it's your cup of tea, then feel free to keep reading. Silent Leges Inter Arma, to quote the bands promo, is Latin for "under the weapons the laws keep silent", and that's probably a well-adapted adage for this German black metal band. Necro-tainted guitars and crashing hi-hats are what make this band tick. 

First song, We Are, gallops along at a fair pace, cold black metal with touches of death metal, while first listening to Falcon-Headed One brings us more to mind some US metalcore. Luckily, that's only in the intro, before the song hits us with some more familiar strains of blackened metal. I Will Hunt You Down starts with a more punkish groove, with Beyond The Light being a bit mellower, at least to begin with, before hitting its stride. 

Shades' being a solely acoustic piece, breaks up the album midway, before a rumbling bass leads us into For The Dead. Clocking in at almost twelve minutes, Wings is by far the longest song on Silent Leges Inter Arma, and in all honesty, probably could have been pared down a little, which leaves In Shadows Again, another acoustic number, to lead out with. 

Silent Leges Inter Arma is not a bad album, but one wonders if it is overly necessairy, as the band doesn't exactly offer anything fresh. One also wonders why the band needed to have such a claustrophobic sound. Thanks to technology, its not like bands can't record something good, and relatively cheaply, these days. But if its for novelty, then one would argue as to why? There are many a black metal album that are classics due to their sound quality, but all of these albums were recorded the way they were out of necessity, back in the day. Trying to copy this sound for the sake of trying to sound like these bands is just missing the point.  Once again, if you're a hardcore black metal fan you might get something out of Silent Leges Inter Arma, otherwise, you want to check what else is out there. 

Silent Leges Inter Arma is out now.