Skeletal Remains - Beyond the Flesh (F.D.A. Rekots)

Morrisound sound. Californian band. Killer death metal album!

Charles Michael Schuldiner, known all over the world by his nickname Chuck was and continues being one of the most revered figures in the history of death metal and metal in general.

This  has led to countless bands trying to imitate his unique style. But now just one has succeed in doing so: Skeletal Remains. And don’t expect that technical masturbation that makes kids happy worldwide while bands like Decrepit Birth try to “copycat” the latest works of Death to sound just like Sound of Perseverance. They sound like Death from Leprosy.

Skeletal Remains , a new band that contains the guitarist Chris Monroy from the Californian outfit Fuel by Fire on vocal duties, tirelessly pursue the “Morissound” studio sound; the famous Floridian studio which recorded bands like Death, Cannibal Corpse, Sepultura, Gorguts, Deicide and Atheist under the auspicious of Scott Burns (a hated figure inside Norwegian Black Metal Circles)

And lemme tell you something, if this album doesn’t strike a chord at the first seconds then I’m sorry to inform you dude, but YOU ARE A POSER!

This is metal from a immemorial epoch, a time when death metal wasn’t a dispute over mathematics or whatnot.

The first song Extirpated Vitality showcases that these dudes are not kidding, and tears came to my eyes the first time I’ve heard it. Potent, competent, not for new kids on the block who pretend they are metalheads… seriously idiots, stick to your Meshuggah, this is for headbangers. 

Although Chris Monroy remembers Chuck Schuldiner, he also incarnates John Tardy sometimes ad even Max Cavalera from the forgotten times of Schizophrenia. 

There’s an instrumental song called Carrion Death with a great, great solo. I can’t say if it was made by Panos Spanos (the Greek guitarist of Suicidal Angels) but he participates in the CD.

The other song called Traumatic Existence somewhat remembers the song Altering the Future from the album Spiritual Healing

I mean all the songs have no frills and this album is a must have for fans of REAL Old-school death metal.

Beyond the Flesh ends with a bonus cover of Gorguts called Disincarnated (only available on the vinyl edition of the album)

Skeletal Remains was one of the nastier surprises of 2012, an album that automatically entered in the list of the best album of 2012. 


Beyond the Flesh is out now on F.D.A. Rekots