Some Call This Tragedy - No Man Without a Ghost (Inverse Records)

Some Call This Tragedy might just be revolutionizing the realm of metalcore.

Some Call This Tragedy- Hellacious and hard as nails is the only way to describe this 5-piece phenomenon from Tampere, Finland.  SCTT might just be revolutionizing the realm of metalcore.  They were founded in 2010 and after much search they finally crowned an impeccable line-up of young, unshakable, unstoppable talented musicians. They have stepped on to the platform, announcing the release of No Man Without a Ghost.  The EP consists of three songs but don’t let that fool you in this case less is more. Having no intentions of slowing down they are busting through the metal moulds and plunging into the mouth of madness head first.

No Man without a Ghost- Is cryptic beauty. The rush of power and passion that stabs into your bleeding heart is excruciating. Burning Paris offers symphonic pomp, blast-beats and aggressive screaming woven with clean flawless vocals. Watershed is like a slap in the face with its absurd riffs, crazed guttural wails, chugging guitar and tight double-bass drumming. It sends the veins of the listener into a frantic frenzy. The Third track The Last Fantasy slows you down... or so you thought. The bass in the entrance of this track is phenomenal it enslaves you just long enough for the vocals to sneak up and throw you to your knees. Catchy high pitched choruses and heavy, down-tuned guitars mixed with spoken words of wisdom and warning intrigue the ear.

Some Call This Tragedy is not your typical "copycat" metalcore band. This album has a life of its own. It breaths into you a feeling of a new beginning. The alluring tempo of Ville Ylimartimo's vocals spellbinds you. Even through all the instrumental mayhem and the unknown there is an unbreakable thread that guides you through every crevice till you reach the deep, dark center of it all... A cry of emotions and unimaginable passion is what every song provides you with and more.

In my opinion this record is incomparable genius; I have listened to No Man Without a Ghost endlessly for hours and have yet to tire of it. Every time I hear and feel something new. Three songs with such power it’s overwhelming.  Some Call This Tragedy ... I call this Victory!!


No Man Without a Ghost is out now on Inverse Records