Soundgarden - King Animal (Seven Four Entertainment)

The return of the grunge kings.
Release Date: 
11 Nov 2012 - 11:30pm

The grunge trend may have died out long ago, but that has not stopped arch purveyors of that same scene, the seminal Soundgarden, from returning to lay down the monumental King Animal. Soundgarden have been in the wilderness for a number of years - in fact, first song, Been Away Too Long, could almost describe their much missed absence - but with their sixth full length, the band step back into the limelight with such ease, thta it seems only like yesterday since they released last album, Down On The Upside. Those fans who may be worried that the band have grown old, rusty, and dare we say, irrelevant, will be able to let out a huge sigh of relief, as King Animal is another refreshing notch in the grunge canon.  It's still Soundgarden as we know and love them, though a slightly slicker and more modern beast - oh, those bad puns - that we might have expected. 

If there are indeed any misgivings about the quality of King Animal, then the aforementioned Been Away Too Long should assuage any doubts, showing why Soundgarden were the premier grunge band of the bustling Seatlle scene all those years ago. A Thousand Days and Bones Of Birds are both thoughtful, retrospective number' that remind one a little of Pearl Jam, but then again, Matt Cameron does share drum duty for those grunger rockers as well.  Just 'sayin...

Metalheads often complain that grunge killed off metal, a preposterous statement if ever there were one - maybe people just stopped listening, because  the majority of metal released after the early 90's was just not worth listening to? - but Soundgarden do attest as to why such a scene - in this case grunge - was so popular, and KA demonstrates why they were the band that indeed, were the leader of the pack. Lets hope we don't have to wait another sixteen years for their next reease. In the meantime, enjoy the exquisite sounds of King Animal.