Terrorizer - Hordes Of Zombies (Season of Mist)

Grindcore legends return with their third full length.

You just know, that a band like Terrorizer are legends when a magazine decides to name themselves after them. But if that's not enogh to persuade the sceptics, then all they need to do is listen to one of the bands albums, their new one Hordes Of Zombies, the bands first in just over half a decade, and first without Jesse Pintado, being a good starting reference.  Its actually with bittersweet hindsight that we realise that the famed guitarist - most well known for his work in Napalm Death - died only five days after their last release, Darker Days Ahead saw the light of day. But as they say, 'the show must go on', and so here we are, six long years later, with Hordes Of Zombies. And if fans of Pintado have had doubts that replacement, Katina Culutre, might not be a worthy enough substitute, all we can say is, 'fear not'. Of course the fellows in good company, with some solid drumming by Pete Sandoval (Morbid Angel), and much underrated voalist, Anthony Rezhawk.

Afte a short intro, the band rip straight into the self-titled first track, and from there, there is not much letting up - almost forty minutes of pure, unadulterated grindcore. Just the way we like it.  And for those thinking that a band like Terrorizer may not be relevant in today's metal sphere - you really do need to get a hold of Hordes Of Zombies.  And for those into their metalcore and deathcore?  Listen to this album to realise what real death metal should sound like.  Yes, the band might be old, but they are seasoned pros.  And now that Dave Vincent (also of Morbid Angel) has rejoined, the band is sure to be an enviable live act.  There are not enough decent grindcore bands around these days, but Terrorizer is one of them. Lets just hope that it doesn't take another six years for them to release their next album.  Buy this now.