Torn The Fuck Apart - ...The Dissection Of Christ (Own Label)

After Torn The Fuck Apart’s death metal analysis, it turns out He’s not the Messiah, He’s a very naughty boy...

With an album title of ...The Dissection Of Christ it doesn’t take a genius to work out Torn The Fuck Apart’s lyrical themes for this damning death metal opus. Death, gore and the destruction of corrupt organised religion told through the gruff vocals of Jeremy Langner with Nick Yeates and Michael Langner’s furious guitars.

2009 debut Gods Of Gore was slower, grislier, darker and a mish-mash musically. Dissection... is just as evil but the production is a massive step up for the Kansas City crew. The guitars are louder and clearer, Langner, J.’s vocals are just as acid-throated but it sounds like he is taking his rightful place: fronting the band, being the bringer of hell as the sheer devastation swirls around and infront of him.

The key to everything Torn is the ferocious pairing of guitarists Nick Yeates and Michael Langner. Their tricky, searing licks and riffs keep you on your toes; it’s not long enough to distract but it’s mad enough to work. The superb construction of Dead Religion and the shatteringly heavy riffs of Decapitated Disciples bleed outstanding signature changes, crushing breakdowns and blistering solos.

The movie sound bites, taken firmly out of context and included with a wry smile, are a nice touch but sometimes hammer the point home too much when the violently pulsating vocals do that job anyway.

Not for the faint-hearted; this ain’t Kansas, Toto. This is for the blackest of mind, the darkest of soul.


...The Dissection Of Christ is out now.