Uzumaki – Glossolalia (Speed Ritual Records)

Top Notch Avant-Garde black death metal from US.
Release Date: 
1 Mar 2012 - 1:30pm

Uzumaki is the new project of  Jjarnd Msdiun (aka Jared Moran, the guy behind crazy and brutal  projects like 54R, Draug, Filtheater, Immaculate Molestation, Ishimura, Ithaqua, Raum, Yzordderrex, Zombie Raiders.. ) and as one can see he’s prolific as can be.

Those who know his work, also know he has a penchant for brutal satanic death metal bands, mainly of the Incantation style, but this time the guy went to far: he has put some elements of free-jazz music into the sound transforming it into a total cacophony. 

It sounds like John McEntee has encountered John Zorn for some jam sessions, and Glossolalia is the result. 

Every time I hear the label Jazz/Avant-Garde, I imagine something, say, blander. From the word go, the music is an organic blend of growls, but strangely cohesive, and although the brain fights to put the pieces of phrases together, one can rapidly get used to the gestalt of Uzumaki by the 3rd track. 

It’s too much information put into an one-man band: different tempos of riffs that sometimes don’t marry with the craziness of drumming which keeps itself constantly changing. 

The gnarls and squeals seem to come from the next madhouse, adding too much insult to injury. It’s noisy but not noise, It’s strange music made by a true musician, but not recommended for “eclectic” musos, only for hermetic cultists of operatic schizophrenia. 

But as directionless as it sounds, my mind can pick up some moments and I can say the highlights are the fourth track The Methodical Conquest and the closer Instability Embodied. They change from doom to total grindcore, and even to hardcore parts in some moments: well that’s the totality of the album, but the insanity of these aforementioned tracks is beyond limits. 

Glossolalia is the epitome of originality in a world of “made to hear” bands, and although it is hard-to-get, it is pure fun as well, for seekers of pure art: it’s metal, that I can guarantee. It’s pure insanity for those who want something new and tormenting. It’s top-notch. It’s artistic. It’s true to the bone.  

You can hear the entire album streaming on Bandcamp, just follow the link: