Veil of Maya - Eclipse (Sumerian Records)

Despite being lazily thrown into the deathcore pigeon hole, Veil of Maya's latest release is anything but simplistic.

Eclipse, the fourth offering from US outfit Veil of Maya, is an album that demands to be listened to. Clumsily categorised as deathcore, Veil of Maya's merry mix of technical death metal, mathcore, metalcore, and a billion other sub genres mesh together to creat a truly intoxicating musical offering.

Although songs on Eclipse such as Winter is Coming Soon offer a more radio friendly version of the band, the savage, noodly Numerical Scheme obliterates any sort of mass appeal; think Job for a Cowboy-meets-Archspire and you'd be getting close.

Veil of Maya can't avoid the djent stamp, nor should they want to. Periphery's Misha Mansoor produced Eclipse and fans of the twiddling open-palmers will not be disappointed. This being said, Vicious Circles has a distinctly Black Dahlia Murder undertone and there's even something for the Lamb of God fans in Punisher, a song in which Veil of Maya even find time to take the piss out of themselves with a derogatory soundbite.

Eclipse is truly spectcular. Despite the intricate nature of the music it doesn't disappear up it's own arse and get lost in complex compositions. It's devastatingly fast blastbeats and off-key changes meet pure headbanging metal, all combining to make a hugely impressive album.

Eclipse is out now on Sumerian Records