Vuchivasara - Perdition Reigns Supreme (Blood and Death Corporation)

Finns prove that there is more than Nightwish and Finntroll in the Land of a Thousand Lakes

Setting out to prove that Finland offers more than the folk of Finntroll, or the bombastic pomp of Nightwish when it comes to metal, Vuohivasara's third full length, Perdition Reigns Supreme, provides seven tracks of old school black metal.  If you're looking for originality, then Vuohivasara might not be your cup of tea, but if you appreciate skilled muscianship over innovation, and hark back to the glory days when black metal was fresh and still undefined, then this Finnish lot might just be one band for you to keep an eye on.

In all honesty, its really not a surprise that Vuohivasara play the kind of black metal that they do, especially considering that, even though the population of Finland might be small - much like their Norwegian counterpart - the country has churned out some quality blackened bands, including Beherit, Barathrum, Clandestine Blaze and Sargeist, to name but a few.  Heck, the band still use corpse paint and give themselves churlish pseudonyms like it was 1992.  But the real question some may ask is: 'what is the point'? Sure, there is no debating their musical talent, but even the vast amount of early black metal bands have progressed and moved on, so why would any band want to regress? Maybe its not polite for us to question such motives, but it stil doesn't hide the fact that, hearing yet another band play the same safe formula, it soon becomes stale rather quickly.

Besides last track Though Shalt Not Suffer A Sorceress To Live - um, yes, we are a bit confused about that title ourselves - Vuohivasara don't aim for much variety, but as we said earlier, if this does not phase you too much, then  you might find something worthwhile on offer here.