Whitechapel - Whitechapel (Metal Blade/Riot)

Despite being a consistent big hitter in the world of deathcore, last year's Recorrupted EP was a disappointing effort from Whitechapel. Was this a sign of a fall from grace, or just a bit of a lazy stop-gap release?
Release Date: 
19 Jun 2012 - 8:30am

Thankfully it seems to be the latter, as less than a minute into opening track Make It Bleed on Whitechapel's eponymous new album Phil Bozeman's trademark bark and the notoriously heavy musicianship appears in full force. This is the Whitechapel that we know and love.

Whitechapel is the fourth album from the masters of the genre but as opposed to being a standard meat and potatoes deathcore album, the band has taken a much groovier route in a number of the songs, notably on Hate Creation.

New drummer Ben Harclerode has the speed and ferocity of  predecessor Kevin Lane but also includes some slower, heavier patterns, giving a really nasty sludgey vibe to tracks such as I, Dementia - fans of Annotations of an Autopsy (before they became a laughable - ahem - 'wigger slam' band) will hear shades of In Snakes I Bathe from AOAA's Reign of Darkness album.

Despite the subtle changes in delivery, this is still Whitechapel. (Cult)uralist is as heavy as any deathcore song has ever been and Faces is designed purely for circle pits teeming with heavily tattooed meatheads with its extreme speed and angry singalong chorus of 'one nation under hypocrisy'.

Ultimately this is a superb Whitechapel album. Fans of Trigger the Bloodshed, Job for a Cowboy, Carnifex, and all the other immensely heavy deathcore outfits will love it. It may even be the album that gains a bit of respect from the more elitist traditional metal fans. Perhaps.