YUREI - Night Vision (Adversum Records)

What the fuck just happened?
Release Date: 
29 Oct 2012 - 12:30am

Lounge music. Elevator music. Jazzy-wazzy sinister meanderings. The latest offering from Yurei can be called all of these things but it's also so much more. This isn't metal per se but it's definitely the work of a disturbed, haunted genius. Written, recorded and performed by Bjeima, a Norwegian composer who has also put work out with The Ghost Conspiracy and Alfa Obscura, Night Vision is like a David Lynch movie; it's creepy, hypnotic and captivating. Yes, it's obscure, and yes, it's freakish like a clown face at the toilet window but it's also heaving with psychedelia and dark psychological introspection. Night Voices is an album to slip on while you down a cocktail of mind-altering substances and dance about naked but for an animal head of your choosing.

With its complicated arrangements and musical gymnastics, it leaps about the place, refusing to be pinned down by category. Think TRAM or Trioscapes; Mr Bungle or Blotted Science; think weird shit on xylophones and almost mathematical compositions that jingle and jangle like skeletons dancing. Admittedly it gets a bit 'Vince Noir' at times (several times I was lefting thinking 'Oh, the oxygen of knowledge'...) but despite that, I think this is a brilliant, brilliant album. It's not heavy but it gets under your skin and into your mind, forcing you to return to it over and over again. Give this piece of un-metal, psychedelic madness a go. You won't regret it (unlike that time you killed that old lady and danced about wearing her skin...).