Aborym – Dirty (Agonia Records)

The ace of ingeniousness.

After their last album called Psychogrotesque which wasn’t a bad disc, though lacking in something new, Aborym , the compelling force of worldwide industrial black metal today is back with this great album called Dirty.

They offer us a mix of black metal and melodic/electronic sounds, but forget about shoegaze or some cheap imitation of Samael. This is the sound they've mastered throughout the years and Dirty is the result of ages of hard work poured into the same direction.

The first track Irrersible Crisis has all the electronic experimental nuances at the beginning of the tune just to explode in a putrid form of black metal, with the harshest of vocals and the drums of Faust (yes the guy from Norway) exploding at full tilt in an uncommon vortex of confusion just to go into full industrial/electronic mode with repetitive phrases , just to be mixed again with black metal, this time around the electronic and the putrid parts are juxtaposed, making an insane cyclone of metallic turbulence. It’s unmistakably confusing yet attractive.

Across the Universe has a more electronic approach with clean vocals, not so insane in the noisy field, although it’s a great song anyway. This tune is a earworm for sure and the apparently out of tune looping effects in the background sure make this one to listen to this song over and over again. Eventually it has its black metal parts, but it’s the electronic soundscapes that dominate here.

Title-track Dirty comes back to the original frame of music, blending one billion effects to create vertigos in the listener with so many passages and so much information to process. Yet one cannot call this opus a progressive one whilst they maintain things inside a unique tempo, just varying the beatings. What a crazy song. The middle section has a theatrical part resembling some kind of gothic segment just to go to the extreme black metal again, and electronic passages to and fro… and that’s the end.

But what draws attention here is their capability to go from insane to calm. The finest example is the track The Factory of Death where Malfeitor Fabban goes from insane harsh vocals to a James LaBrie MO with deadpan ability. The keyboard seems to freeze the scene into a gothic winter night just to return again to an insane and uncompromising black metal disgrace.

The last track of the first album (this is a double CD) follows suit, but this time it’s even more melodic… No it’s not melodic black metal or whatever you want to call it, it’s a strange yet fragile electronic calm that might be broken anytime by any disturbance or wrong frequency. This is what I call innovation.

The second CD contains three black metal pieces and the best of them is the second song Roma Divina Urbs, a long song that has lots of passages interestingly not giving up to any electronic legerdemain.

There are three covers as well. A watereddown cover of NIN called Hurt, a crazy version of Iron Maiden's Hallowed be Thy Name and a beautiful and totally inspired interpretation of Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd, and this version is simply the best cover of this song I have heard. Of course it’s subpar to the original but that's not the discussion here. It’s rather homage to the masters.

Dirty is an album that has quantitative and qualitative parts, sometimes all of them in the same phrases. It’s an album that must be carefully listened to because it’s a new phase in music and for opened minds it’s a must have. Forget your labels and drown your eardrums in this magnificent opus of Italian magnificence. 


Dirty is out now on Agonia Records.