Another End - ...Whispers From (Mulligore Productions)

The album in its entirety is eerie and dark but delivered in such a stunning manner.
Release Date: 
20 Sep 2013 (All day)

Between you and me and whoever the hell else is reading this— my all time favourite subgenre of all subgenres of metal is hands down: sludge metal. I’m all about those raw and heavy distorted sounds embedded with elements of doom, hardcore and grunge.  Another thing to mention is that I have never even heard of Another End! Though, after listening to the entirety of …Whispers From, I am so fucking glad I discovered these guys.

…Whispers From is a four track EP.  Seems a bit short, right?  Wrong. These songs are somewhat lengthy and I mean that in the very good way.  Most of the times I get bored with extensive songs because of my short attention span but I can sit through every single track off of …Whispers From without a single dull moment and that is very rare for me.

Digging deeper into the album made me realise how much the person is feeling anguished and torn apart by someone who is supposed to be close to him. This kind of stuff automatically attracts me to the song and the band even more. I look for those personal deep emotions that are translated magnificently in a piece of art whether it’s musically or in canvas or words.

Starting the album off with ‘The End’, a steady drum beat is first heard which then immediately explodes into a giant wave of anger mixed beautifully with Zak Tabart’s doomed vocals. The song has some elements that remind me of Black Sabbath’s creepy-esque slow parts in ‘Black Sabbath’ and the overall chaotic noise of Cult of Luna that somehow magically work well in unison.  I love how the song on and off slows down and then picks up and slows down again and transitions back to a speedy and pissed off state.

‘The Light’ is probably the slowest track off of …Whispers From.  A bit repetitive to say the least but not enough at all to take my attention away from the song.  Though towards the last minute of the song, it rages so hard that it made me wish that I was at a gig so I can get lost in a trance and release some personal internal and deep emotions out to this song.

The album in its entirety is eerie and dark but delivered in such a stunning manner.  Definitely on my top albums to ever come out this year by far and is highly recommended to listen to by yours truly.