Black Magician - The Pursuivant EP – (Svart)

Forget everything you’ve ever heard so far in your life, this is totally different.
Release Date: 
30 Aug 2013 - 12:30pm

Black Magician is a band from Liverpool that released an album called Nature Is the Devil's Church that I haven’t heard about… So I decided to jump into the EP directly to make my experience all the more exciting.

Their sound is a “kind of” doom. I mean, it has doom elements, but c’mon they are not American fellows, so they have an intrinsic Celtic vibe in their sound besides the occasional 1970’s sound a la Deep Purple, and a penchant for some kind of black metal. It’s not exactly Cruachan, but dude, this is crazy. The first song, called The Pursuivant evokes this quasi-hippie/almost Jethro Tull style, but inserted in the crazy and evil reality of the dystopic current days. 

Second song called Grene Knyght is totally different, calm, cool, collected, in the vein of Hexevessel, but being with a genuine vibe of the 1960’s like Jefferson Airplane, totally “peace and love”… I don’t know if I’m expressing myself right, they’re no sort of cheap hippies, but their English folkloric roots comes from underneath, devastating, everything in sight, and a segue called Black Henbane comes back with a pure rock n roll vibe with solos in the back ground to the forefront, totally evoking the old days of the golden era of hard/progressive rock. 

They are not a simple stoner/doom band, they seem to be conjuring the gods of the past and the resulting is The Pursuivant. I’m totally amazed… Wow… Bravo, Bravíssimo!