Black Tusk - Tend No Wounds (Relapse Records)

Punky, sludgy, swampy goodness...
Release Date: 
22 Jul 2013 - 11:30pm

Another EP for review? This time it's from Black Tusk and what a sweet piece of work this is, even at a mere six tracks. A Cold Embrace prepares you for the madness to come and it's got some banging riffage and drums to get you going - though at two minutes long, it's not nearly long enough - even as an instrumental. Enemy of Reason reiterates that thick, swampy sound that Black Tusk and others of their ilk are well-known for. It fires me up, especially the bit where they pause, throw in a drum roll and dive back into the riff section (there's a proper term for this technique but it escapes me at the moment). Whatever it's called, it's lovely...

The delicate, stringed intro of The Weak and The Wise makes me feel almost sophisticated but then the punky guitars drop and some groovy licks snake all over the place - for a three piece Black Tusk produce an enormous sound and I'm loving the crusty, punk sludge.

Internal/External serves up some more of that 'rip shit up' guitar work and I leap up from my bath-chair and start smashing up the nursing home. It's fekkin' great stuff and Truth Untold drives the point home with dirty, fat, fuzzy bass and more howling guitars. Bloody EPs! They don't last long enough...and it's all over too soon as In Days of Woe (a blistering tune that's primitive but by no means basic) plays as they strap me back into my bath-chair. I love this. Give me a new Black Tusk album and some more medication. Immediately.