Blodig Alvor - Mørkets Frembrudd (Indie Recordings)

Start the Rock n Roll Revolution!
Release Date: 
8 Feb 2013 - 12:30pm

I come tired from work, and I decide, let’s hear some music. I put this CD on rotation and I don’t like the sound and the vocals, I think it’s crap, I’m irritated, I go to my bed and crash. 

On the next day I wake up, groggy and dizzy and I say to myself, let’s spin some rock n roll. This CD is still on the playlist, so when it starts it’s like: WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK??? Pure punk/rock n roll to start the day, a real energizer! My impressions for the previous day were totally deleted since I wasn’t me the night before. Now my house reverberates to the sound of Blodig Alvor and their debut album. 

Okay their “99 percenters” attitude is so 2012 and it sounds childish for me, but who cares about the lyrics sang in Norwegian? (Although Norwegian being effing cool hehehe).

The intro is  like a military drumming announcing the ALREADY traditional punk + rock n roll so peculiar to Fjordlands these days and the first song Mr. Molotow, with  a riffarama a la Chrome Division and The Carburetors, puts some fire in my day and, please forget what I said about the poor guy on vocal duties, he’s perfect for the job.

The songs are EXTREMELY catchy and the follower Start En Revolusjon makes me wanna put some fire on the streets like in the cartoon-like but über rad artwork.

The songs don’t get fast enough to call ‘em hardcore, they are very punk indeed, and the song Svik remembers me a lot of Ramones. (It sounds like a no-brainer or a pleonasm but it's not just because a band calls itself “prog” that it will sound like King Crimson, ELP or Pink Floyd.)

Likegyldighetens Søvn calls for the booty of rock n roll and I can see myself on the motorway, parking in a gas station, pumping some petrol and hitting the road at high speed. That’s rock n roll!

The point is that this band will delight every muso who just wants to hear some good music despite the styles he likes.   It’s easy-to-get music, but unfortunately it’s hard to say if they will figure in The Best of the Year lists, because we have the whole year ahead, but who cares? Why don’t we just bring some beers home and rock until we drop? 

Heads up: if you’re drunk don’t try to “Start En Revolusjon”. You might get arrested. . Forewarned is forearmed.


Mørkets Frembrudd is out now on Indie Recordings.