Bombs of Hades – Carnivores (Blood Harvest)

Swedish Metal Punks are giving a raw deal to unbelievers.
Release Date: 
30 Aug 2013 - 12:30pm

Those heroes of death metal/crust from Sweden, Bombs of Hades, are back on the track, this time around with a short EP called Carnivore clocking in at 14 minutes and being released on Blood Harvest. 

This is the perfect blend between Entombed (of course) and Anti-Cimex, from 1986 onwards… Pure raw death/crust, yet one cannot call them grindcore a la Napalm Death or Agathocles. They are more like a Repulsion… but even this comparison sounds erroneous. They have no influences from other countries rather than Sweden (maybe the natural D-Beat from England, but still) this is a real Swedish band in a punk and in a death metal way… though probably more in a death metal way.

First song Necronomicus Kanth (The Hounds of Hell) delivers double kicking drums, kinda melodic riffs, “cavalcato” sound serving as an intro to the totally Swedish in gestalt Twisted Decay, pure lashings of old school death metal, pure pleasure to the ears.

Slaughter of the Dead comes ripping and the song is a real upper, leaving no heads unturned. The stoppages serve to give place to rad solos and rapid drumming. And everything aqueezed into less than 3 minutes… wow.

Disrespect their Bones, (heheheh, good name), is the best track and an earworm for sure, mainly after an unintelligible death metal growl the vocalist says something like 666, hahahaha. Cliché, and what a cliché.

Bombs of Hades is quality above all, maybe one of the most Swedish of the Swedish bands nowadays. If you’re a disciple of that country, why the heck aren’t you headbanging to this EP yet???