Brett Walker - Nevertheless (Tribunal Records Reissue)

Pleasant but inessential reissue for fans of hard rock from a bygone age...
Release Date: 
8 Jan 2013 (All day)


WOOAAHH!! My first review assignment for the Mighty Metal as Fuck! What would it be? A long lost Warrant rarities album? Something by Slaughter? A new Winger unplugged album maybe?

No. In his infinite wisdom da Edd man handed me an obscure album by someone by the moniker of Brett Walker. WHO?

Except it turns out that Mr Walker is really quite famous. A songwriting partner of TITANIC AOR identities like Jonathan Cain (Journey/Bad English), Stan Bush and Jim Peterik (Survivor) in the late eighties/early nineties, he now churns out TV theme tunes by the bucketload – if it’s on cable TV, the chances are it’s credits-roll song had something to do with Bretty boy. 

Nevertheless was released originally in 1994 and, in most territories on the planet it bombed. Y’see, 1994 was just too late for this easy-going radio rock to make an impression on all but the most COMMITTED melodic hard fans, which is a shame. ‘Cool’ ears were tuning into grunge, or worse still, post-grunge, and Nevertheless, with its airbrushed na-na-na-nana choruses (the Bryan Adams-ish Take Me Home) was about five years too late on the scene to make any waves commercially, save for the excellent pop rock of Lecia which made the top ten of the European pop chart.

Walker’s problem is that throughout the album he’s just too polite. Fans of heavier rock would surely have lapped up the CORROSIVE guitar work and Leppardy vocals of Quicksand, but there’s so much Richard Marx-style easy listening fodder surrounding the song they’d have been frightened off by the sheer weight of wimp-rockin’ going on. 

Quicksand is followed, as if to prove my point, by the super-unthreatening Didn’t Mean to Say Goodbye, which will have you nodding off if you ain’t concentrating and lets all the MOMENTUM created by Quicksand, well… it lets it slip through the fingers… Sorry.

There are some great songs here, including a bonus track Midnight Angel that’s as good as anything on the original album; If the likes of Tyketto were a bit too much for you back in the day, then this comes HIGHLY recommended…