Bring me the Horizon - Sempiternal (Sony)

Bring me the Horizon are a band for all to bang their heads to, whether that's nodding along to their music or slamming your head into the desk in despair. So what headache does "Sempiternal" give?
Release Date: 
29 Mar 2013 (All day)

The metal communitiy's love/hate relationship with Bring me the Horizon has started a new chapter with the upcoming release of the Sheffield quintet's fourth album Sempiternal. A much more technical album  than its predecessors, Sempiternal's opening Can you Feel my Heart? asserts itself as an intriguingly catchy opener, however the song outlasts itself and after less than a minute the tedium sets in. A band that are renowned for centring itself around vocalist Oli Sykes seemingly penned some decent lyrics and whenever anything meaningful cropped up, it was repeated to the point overkill, or in the case Go To Hell, For Heavens Sake, simply taken from another, more succesful band.  

Seemingly with this new sound came a slightly more mature outlook from these metalcore giants,  however the needless angst that has defined Bring me the Horizon still exists with the latter tracks Antivist and Crooked Young. The lyrics turn from occasionally poignant to the words that would fail to inspire sheep to follow. Contradictory, immature and needlessly vulgar, the lyrics set a precedent for this album's sound as the all too familiar hooks resonate throughout. It seems that their are three members of this band simply filling in when Sykes shuts up, the seemingly absentee bass is an issue that has existed since this bands inception. The final track is a fair reflection of the majority of these tracks, not without some talent, but too repetitve to listen to twice. 

When Sempiternal isn't predictable or droning on for far too long, it certainly holds a certain allure. Though for the most part it is a disappointing chapter in this bands overly hyped career.

Sempiternal will be available from the 29th March to 2nd April.