Burning Rain - Epic Obsession (Frontiers Records)

What must David think?
Release Date: 
17 May 2013 (All day)

Whoa Nelly! It’s been a long time since my ears have been treated to anything as CLASSY as Burning Rain’s Epic Obsession, and it’s been an even longer time since such a record was so appropriately named – it is epic, and I’m obsessed with it!

BR have been on a long hiatus since they were formed by Whitesnake axe God Doug Aldrich and ridiculously underrated vocalist Keith St John in 1998, but they’re back and BURNING now and ain’t I glad all over about this state of affairs!

Basically, Epic Obsession is the sort of rock record that literally thousands of acts were churning out in the late eighties/early nineties, choc full of RIPSNORTER Zeppelin grunt, stratosphere-bothering choruses and, natch, a couple of tender, tender ballads for the ladies…

Add a superb cover of Zeppelin’s Kashmir to the mix and you would appear to have the PERFECT US hard rock nostalgia trip, right down to lyrical mentions of fire and ice, and the biggest Bonhamesque kick drum sound I’ve heard in years.

In fact, and perhaps this should really come as no surprise given Aldrich’s day job, the overall feel of this record is a very SERPENTINE one, if ya getting the drift… I wonder what Lord Coverdale thinks about such stonking songs as Made For Your Heart turning up on this album instead of the last Whitesnake opus? It’s a ballad very much in the Is This Love mould, complete with a deliciously tasteful Aldritch solo that’ll have the hairs on the back of your neck standing priapically to attention of that there is no doubt, and then there’s the funky riff monster Ride the Monkey, which could oh so easily be an outtake from 1987.

Come to think of it, St John sings these songs so well, maybe they might just have been a bit too DEMANDING for ol’ Mr Stillo the Night to get his pipes round in 2013, whaddya think? Just puttin’ the idea out there… Whatever the reasons, there are huge slabs of Epic Obsession that are more Whitesnake than Whitesnake – and I like it!

Pretty much REQUIRED listening, then, if you still rock a corkscrew perm/leather waistcoat look like me… and even if ya don’t there’s no reason why these great songs won’t tug at yer earstrings just a little bit – ENJOY!