CERNA - Restoring Life (Domestic Genocide Records)

'Nice' is probably the wrong adjective to use...
Release Date: 
27 May 2013 - 11:30pm

This is the debut album from CERNA; an "instrumental, post-blackened solo project" (as the press blurb says) of Cody McCoy of The Omega Experiment fame. Cody plays all of the instruments and he's very good with all of them. As instrumental albums go, Restoring Life is OK; it's experimental and alternative and ponders the dark abyss between the mental and the emotional - my only issue is that I'm in far too good a mood to be brought down by it. It opens with a ticking clock, there's a chord and some synth and it's all very minimal. Three minutes into Woken in Prague and a guitar comes in, sits down on the floor and gazes at its shoes, its tempo not dissimilar to the clock that opened the album. This is pretty much what goes on for the next two tracks. There's a maudlin air to the compositions but I've been eating sunbeams and kittens so I'm not able to come down to a sufficiently melancholic level to really get into it.

Night Sounds is the fourth track and it's really not doing it for me; perhaps if the 'black dog' had latched its fangs into me then I would be more able to appreciate the dirge-like compositions. Not to say it's all shit but just that it's all a bit too 'samey' for me at the moment. Night Sounds gradually starts to change tempo and a piano creeps in and we're suddenly into Lullaby (An End To This Day) which has a bit more grunt. I sit up and start to pay attention again.

Embrace The Stars is nice and twangy - perhaps even hopeful after the previous tracks? But then it's back to the dirge with bonus tracks Restoring Life, which I really quite like even if it is similar in structure to the rest of the album, and Isa; again, I really quite like this one. Maybe I'm descending into introspective despair? 

Anyways, I don't wish to piss on Cody's art but my elevated mood prevents me from wholly embracing Restoring Life. Which is a bit of a shame really as it's apparent that Mr McCoy is a very talented fellow. Maybe you'll really dig this if you're on your way to a funeral or something?