Corsair – Ghosts of Proxima Centauri (Shadow Kingdom Records)

They found the crossroads where heavy metal began!
Release Date: 
30 Apr 2013 - 12:30pm

It’s easy to hear some slow band that sounds old and call them “doom metal”, “1970’s rock” or whatever. But heads up, for Corsair is a very special band that could be easily missed by headbangers.

They recorded an album in 2012 that honestly wasn’t noticed by the press at large (as far as I’m aware) but fortunately for them, and for those who like good music, they were noticed by Shadow kingdom Records which is putting out their two efforts, with this 2013 EP included.

This band is simply about the very beginning of heavy metal, when the press started to call the bands by this name, and this instantly will throw you back to the early days of the NWOBHM and North American heavy metal acts such as Legend, Manila Road and the likes. 

Their natural approach to this kind of sound is astoundingly good and well done. I mean, I know of a half-dozen bands that try so hard to sound like the bands of the past and just make fools of themselves, and Corsair is the real deal, where were these guys hidden? 

The first song is an instrumental piece that doesn’t ring any bells but the second one called Warrior Woman is a great piece of heavy music that won’t let Fenriz down and would give Christian Mistress a run for their monies.

There’s not much information about the band out there, but the guy who sings is extremely competent. 

The tracks Burnish the Blades and Centurion are not so different and will gratify those who liked the beginning of the album. So far so good.

However, the track Orca presents a feminine voice and riffs that mix Black Sabbath with Iron Maiden, it’s a like a doomish Iron Maiden and I’m not talking about their later works. Get their first albums and put some progressive rock, instead of their punk approach of the early days and you’ll get the picture. Or simply listen to Saxon's first album!

The riffs are extremely exciting although they never get any faster.

The last song Eyes of the Gods gives more heavy metal to these old ears, and boy it’s marvellous! It’s the perfect crossroad between the NWOBHM, progressive rock and hard rock. 

Most of people won’t see the thing in this EP simply because they hadn’t lived the belle epoch of this kind of sound or simply because they don’t have the acquired taste to do so. But if you avidly seek for the glory of forgotten days, buy this motherfucker. 

PS: before signing to Shadow Kingdom Records for a physical copy the band previously released this EP on Bandcamp, and you can hear it by following the link: