Damnation Angels – Bringer of Light (Massacre Records)

Never before have I heard an album that makes me want to be a knight...
Release Date: 
22 Feb 2013 (All day)

As we surely all know, different music is designed to make you feel different things. Hardcore music is designed to make you want to beat people up. Punk makes you want to go and overthrow a government. But if you’ve ever felt that you need music to make you feel the most epic you ever have and go into battle swinging a massive sword, then you need look no further. Played through headphones this album is stunningly epic; through speakers you feel the almost unquenchable need to don your armour, pick up your weapons and take on the whole fucking world; in a live situation it must feel like every battle in every film ever rolled into one, with the best soundtrack. Imagine Tarot (featuring Nightwish bassist Marco Hietala) crossed with Two Steps from Hell. Yeah, that.

Second track epic The Longest Day of My Life might well be the most atmospheric song I have ever heard; this is a band that understand dynamics, that understand how music works, and how the interplay between traditional rock instruments, what sounds like a full-on orchestra and some dizzy vocals can be used to make a song not just massive, but also incredibly powerful. I tried to pause this record mid-song once, but when songs like Reborn and the title track Bringer of Light are in full swing, the guitars are wailing, the rhythm section is pounding like the galloping of a thousand horses and the orchestra is mixing with the characterful vocals, it just feels awful and wrong to try and stop such a force.

Plus, what will really endear Damnation Angels to most of you, is that they are actually heavy. For all my rhetoric of atmospherics and epicness, they do actually have some astoundingly potent riffs; I Hope has a next-level chugging bridge, and the double-kick drums that enter in opening track Ad Finem could have been taken off any “proper metal” album that you care to mention.

Astounding, simply astounding.