Deceptor -Chains of Delusion (Shadow Kingdom Records )

The fierceness of this album is contagious; Deceptor have come to inject their audience with lethal amounts of thunderous,violent insanity!
Release Date: 
21 Jan 2013 (All day)

Deceptor -These pain inflicting beasts capture the essence of metal. Combining speed, thrash, and heavy metal mayhem to invoke mass angst upon their minions. This tenacious trio Hailing from London UK are becoming veterans of the Metal underground since their 2005 formation. Bringing to life a new creation, a hybrid of progressive and aggressive thrash meets heavy metal monarchy. Unleashing their self-released EP, Soothsayer, in 2011, these mammoths have conjured up an impressive six-song album entitled Chains of Delusion. Channeling a realm all there own of highly technical instrumentals, a who’s who list of influences and ridiculously catchy hooks.

Right from the albums inception its presence is menacing, the 28 second intro Transmission acts as a call to all humanity, a warning that “They” in observing us have grown tired of our ignorance and self destruction. The distorted, foreign, voice transmits an announcement of sheer intolerance to all of mankind.

Thrusting this album into full throttle is To Know Infinity; like an explosion of mastery the guitars chug in triumph, the rapid guitar riffs are epic, while the vocals are layered in perfect sequence transferring from banshee wails to demonic roars. Heatseeker is like a combination of Priest and Metallica the level of musicianship in this song is intense. The frantic and alarming presence of the guitars is mind bending while the drums offer speed beats and cymbal thrashes.

Transmission II is a chilling tale of world domination and earthling sacrifice; it shows the lack of compassion and understanding of human emotions. They give a warning that even though they walk among us, our reign is at an end and the launch of a new world is underway.

Sentient Shackles is a track lead by a thunderous drum presence followed by echoing riffs, high pitched howls of beastly agony and an energetic punk/metal guitar progression. Oblivions Call is a combination of insane chords, melodic harmonies with strong vocals that flow effortlessly offering the listener 6 minutes and 22 sec of pure instrumental stimulation.

This album is metal-erotica for the die-hard soul. Deceptor took the absolute best parts of speed, thrash, and heavy metal and creating an original and unique musical masterpiece. Pulling off such intricate, catchy song writing met with implausible guitar techniques shows this band has the skills it takes to survive. The fierceness of this album is contagious, they have come to inject their audience with thunderous, violent, insanity. Mission accomplished!!!