Deiphago /Ritual Combat – Accept the Mark (Iron Bonehead Productions)

Explosive split MCD.
Release Date: 
25 Jul 2013 - 12:30pm

Another split, this time with the brutality of one of the most respected bestial bands in the World: The Filipinos of Deiphago.

After their EXCELLENT full length, Satan Alpha Omega (read my critique here), expect pure disgraceful metal:

The first song, called Beast of Annihilation, is extremely quick resembling the likes of Conqueror, Revenge and Black Witchery.  No fucking compromise here, no truce. The drumming is fast and REAL, no gimmicks here. The solo is something apart: it’s so high-pitched it aches. This band is already dominating the North American Shores and be sure to check them if they are in your town.

Second song is a Sarcófago’s cover The Last Slaughter, the last song of the original version of I.N.R.I. It sounds a little bit confusing for a moment but them the phrase: SATANAS WANTS FUCK YOUR PUTRID LIFE, BURN IN HEEEEEEL, brings all the energy to the fold. By the end of the track they even emulate the circus song and the sound of the loo (or the john if you will). 

Next band Ritual Combat is even more extreme, but more obscure as well. I checked out their first album released in 2010 called Occultus Requiem and that album has nothing special, just sounding like another obscure USBM act. This time around, though, they bring the war-like bestial atomic death/black metal with them with Satan himself shooting live ammunition at the audience. Really an excellent surprise, and if they continue in this path, they soon will be the staple of headbangers of a die-hard persuasion. 

The first song Red in Blood and Death, which sounds like Proclamation or Blasphemophagher, is a pure ode to gratuitous combative violence in the name of the almighty King of the netherworld. Fear them. Ultra mega fast drumming, played with gusto, and I think that’s the formula that makes their two tracks so darn good. 

The second track, called Black War 666 is even heavier and the bellows are desperate like an elemental creature from the forest (which is indeed a demon) begging to be free, just to curse humanity with famine, war, and endless fights…. Don’t unleash this curse or else you and your beloved ones will be fucked up.

Accept the Mark was announced some time ago, and I though it was so limited that nobody could get their hands on it; but it’s finally here in all its gory glory. The wait paid off. Now just spin it for 10 times a day and keep the the good away…. 


Accept the Mark  is out now on Iron Bonehead Productions