Denouncement Pyre - Almighty Arcanum (Hells Headbangers)

The Aussie Invasion – part I
Release Date: 
22 Jan 2013 - 12:30pm

It’s been a while since a friend of mine from Germany recommended: dude you must hear the split with Diocletian and Denouncement Pyre, because it’s utter brutaityl!

The brouhaha was about Diocletian (the Brutal and Satanic outfit from New Zealand), and I could care less about the latter, but when I heard them I went after their stuff, two EP’s and two demos in which, I inferred that nobody was giving a fuck about them. 

Then the nuclear satanic death metal cult came alive worldwide, true headbangers got tired of the moaning  of the “nowadays Black Metal” (oh mama, I wanna kill myself because she went away…)  and after two more EPs and a proper album, there they are, inking a deal with the most maleficent label in the world, HHR. 

The result couldn’t be better: they honed their production without compromising their deleterious sonic assault: they invaded America and with a sound similar with some peers from Europe, they are ready to conquer the Old Continent as well.

The drumming in the song An Extension of the Void couldn’t be more harmful and yet precise. The phrases and riffs are spot on, and the vocal is sang like an invocative demon preparing for the battle against Christ and his disciples, it sounds like instructions whispered by the devil himself for his minions ready to scourge Christianity. This track in particular is lengthy with repetitive riffs at its end and occasional yells of conquest: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH. 

The flogging continues unabashed in the title track, showing that they don’t need to appeal to an all-out-war in the musical field to sound menacing. The song has rapid parts and slow parts as well, giving the variety needed to not sound boring. The riffage, almost thrash metal in essence adds heaps to the whole with nuclear solos seeing to be taken from Show no Mercy and Welcome to Hell in a high speed velocity to torment the minds of the truest and most resilient headbanger.

He who conquers All has a Marduk-esque approach, again not sounding a cheap Scandinavian imitation, but a pure metal axe from Oz. 

Circle of Serpents is another anthem of martial proportions and let me say, its delicious riffs make the sentiment from the days of old rise again in this old and worn soul. In the army of hell I want to get drafted! 

Okay, I’ve heard this CD enough to give you a detailed track-to-track memo, but it is useless trying to transform atomic energy into words. Because Almighty Arcanum is a CD to buy and to keep in the collection as a trophy, such is the level of dismay that oozes from each track. 

This is pure headbanging cult, a blast from the past enhanced to fit the reality of the world of today. And you know, as long as the reality keeps changing, it will always be a terrible thing to face. This CD shows that Satan is taking the outposts and winning the war. The metallic platoon is gaining position. You, whose faith resides in who art in heaven, better beware. Death comes from below.  From Down Under to be more precise. 


Almighty Arcanum is out now on Hells Headbangers.