Emblazoned - The Living Magisterium EP (Deepsend Records)

Intriguing blackened death metal...
Release Date: 
2 Sep 2013 - 11:30pm

This debut EP from a collective of members associated with Jungle Rot, Decrepit Birth, Micawber and Decrescent is quite the delight, despite not exeactly pushing the envelope in terms of innovation. It's blackened death metal so you can essentially expect some good old fashioned 90's death metal with a whiff of black metal thrown in for good measure but it's the potential of what is to come that gets me twitching in my nightgown. Admittedly Premonition isn't so much a track as a throbbing intro to Extinction of Creation (where the drums of Alex Pulvermacher are a real treat, blasting and rolling like an angry sea captain) but it's all good stuff - and I was particularly enamoured by the harsh edge to Bound By Eternal Penance, which got my feeble blood circulating nicely. As I say, there's nothing new here but it's done so bloody well that you can't help but get involved.Vocalist Jeff Plewa's vocals are a fine fit to AJ Lewandowski's bass and the chunky-ass rhythms of Kevin Forsythe's guitar, and being blackened death, we get some nice high end rasping as well as some lower end grunting, however it's Refuge In Darkness that really shows off the band's grasp of black and death metal. This track leans more heavily on the black side of things and shows that Emblazoned obviously have a love of both genres, treating both the black and the death with love and respect (and Satan).

In Ex Cathedra rounds off proceedings nicely and I was left wanting more, perhaps comforted by the fact that I wasn't going to get any surprises - surely an album will be forth-coming shortly?