Endrah – The Culling (Epochal Artist Records/Capitol Music Group)

Complex but overtly modern.
Release Date: 
3 Sep 2013 - 12:30pm

Endrah is a band that has a lot of stars from the São Paulo scene, but they are on hold now and it is not really clear what their atatus is since they recorded and released this CD in 2012 and now it is being re-released.

So far, so good, the musicianship of these cats is something out of question. True breakups, the solos, and everything are made to prove that quality is one their features.

There’s even a fave called Silver Tongue, with a great solo, operating at a superior level of complexity inside the modern thrash metal niche.

But the problem is: when the CD advances one doesn’t get more complexity or new ideas to give food to the mind (which they are totally capable of). Instead, they opt to repeat the formulaic gestalt of the first songs and everything collapses into boredom. 

The musicianship still showcases enough breath to get the listener to the end, but the vocalist simply DOESN’T SHUT UP!! Why does he have to  utter so many words in the space of 2 seconds???

That’s what sent it all down the drain, and it seriously takes a rad idea of a good (really good) Brazilian band inside thrash metal and throws it inside the garbage can of metalcore. 

The Culling is simply a good idea that went wrong, at least to my ears. But if you are still  keen on modern sounds, place your bets. Maybe next time they will go better because they are NOT adventurers in the musical scene and I can guarantee that! Fingers crossed!